1. What is TALENTS’ purpose/vision?

TALENTS sole goal is to discover new, talented and hardworking artists no matter what your creative form of expression. We seek to share your stories with others so that in turn they may be inspired. It’s often that several forms of creativity come together to collaborate on one big project, so we also feel that by helping create a network of aspiring artists it’s all making the world a better place!


  1. How can I be interviewed?

Our interviews are based on a few factors such as the creative artist’s fan base/reach, history, background & style to name a few. This is broken out into two categories: “Main Interview” stories and our “Rising Stars” stories.

We are also currently running our media press kit services. This allows ANY artist to request a feature and be published for a fee. Please contact us for details or visit our “Shop Issues” or “Services” tab.


  1. How can I get involved with TALENTS?

TALENTS is still growing! If you’re a freelance writer who enjoys writing about the topics we cover, please get in touch to learn more about the rates we offer and to pitch your article. From time to time there may be other opportunities!