How To Promote Your Music (Or Any Content) – 4 Tools You Haven’t Been Using

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By Mel Williams


Our next question comes in from @t.kasim. Another big one, with tons of different angles, BUT here I’d like to focus on a few good tools to consider adding to your promotional tool kit. Read on to learn a few resources you may have been overlooking.

First, this article assumes you already have an account set up on a few different platforms (social media, Youtube, music streaming, etc). It also assumes those with mass followings or interactions are legit and haven’t been paid for it. Although you’re putting in the work you may have noticed other artists excelling faster.

What are they doing differently?

Well, if I were able to interview every artist I’m sure I’d come up with a few things they all have in common, but since we’re in the business of being creative, I’d also like to share a few unconventional methods you may be overlooking (I hope to cover a collective response on the promotional methods we all have in common in another article. Be sure to take the online quiz at

Here they are:


There is a way to get feedback from the masses before hitting “Launch” on your next project or uploading to SoundCloud. Take a step back and get some reaction using Reddit Music. is an online community where you can find your niche and get valuable critique to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward. Here you get honest (it can be brutal) insight into how your audience feels about your music which either gives you the boost of confidence you need or can provide ways to improve your quality.


Niche Blogs

Everyone has their eyes on the pie in the sky and keeps overlooking what’s right in front of them. There are several blogs, radio hosts, and podcasts that cater to various niches. Research the ones that feature content in line with yours and you could easily be increasing your influence with an already targeted loyal fanbase.


Your Website

Okay, maybe you have a website, but you’re not using it to its full potential. A lot of artists may argue whether it’s beneficial to have a site at all when the heart of what they do can be found on the streaming or social platforms where their potential audiences already exist.

You’re probably overlooking one essential point.

When the platform you’re using folds or becomes outdated, so do you and your content. The benefits of having your own stand-alone website allow you more control of your platform and how your audience will experience your content. Your website provides a space for interaction that’s not competing with a million other links and you have more freedom to shape the experience people walk away with.



Hands down, the number one way to promote yourself. Although it’s not as creative as the previous options, let’s face it. We live in a world of 7.3 BILLION people and counting. As individual artists surfing the vast Internet and planting seeds in hopes of being discovered you’re going to need some firepower. Posting content and hashtagging up to the max limit is only getting you so far.

When you invest in ads of any sort you are tapping into the proven analytics of whatever platform you’re using. Of course, you need to take the time to properly set your marketing and audience perimeters. Just as important, you will need to make sure the content you’re promoting will engage your audience enough to consider riding along on your journey (refer back to point 1).

The last thing you want to do is invest money in an ad campaign that shows viewers anything less than the best version of yourself.

That’s it for now!

Visit to take the online poll and share what your primary method is for promoting music. Looking forward to seeing what you have to say!


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