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TALENTS MAGAZINE (TM): Please share some background/tell us about yourself. What’s the meaning behind South Rome? Where are you originally from?

SOUTH ROME (SR): My name is Rome Rodgers. I’m a true Virgo. I’m a very introspective person. I’m an ambivert with the needle leaning a little more to the introverted side. The name South Rome came from an inside joke between friends. I am originally from Baltimore, MD but moved down south here to NC, so there are some words that I say where I sound like a full city kid and . . . like I raise cattle so my friends sometimes ask me “Are you Rome or are you South Rome today?” I like how it sounds so it just sorta stuck with me ever since as my stage name.


TM: What are some influences in your music? What type of artist do you aspire to be?

SR: My music is heavily influenced by (the) life experiences that we all go through whether it is love, hate, or more serious social issues such as racism or prejudices. I aspire to be a relatable artist that people can see and understand they are not alone. We are all in some sort of struggle. Nobody is perfect. We just have to paint the best picture we can with the colors given to us.


TM: Who are a few top artists you respect and look up to?

SR: Some of my top artists that I really respect are J.Cole of course, Jaden Smith, Andre 3000, and Travis Scott.


TM: What do you ultimately hope to accomplish with your music? What do you want fans/audiences to walk away with?

SR: My ultimate goal I hope to accomplish with my music is the ability to change lives and inspire people who feel as though they don’t have anything but their art. I want fellow starving artists of any genre or type of art whether dance, drawing, painting, hell even plumbing to know that they matter and that gift you were given makes you unique and there is nothing no one can say or do to take that away from you. Chase your dream while you still can because there is no way we were put on this earth to work hard for someone else’s dream not chase our own and die.


TM: What’s something you’d like your audience to know about you?

SR: I want everyone to know at the end of the day I am only human . . . I suffer just like you but I refuse to give up and go unheard.

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TM: What are your thoughts on the way things are now with the music industry?

SR: I think the industry is more clout and numbers based. To break into the mainstream, having a huge following is almost a must. Seems like big labels are more interested in who can pack the venue rather than who has talent. I’d much rather stay indie.


TM: What advice would you like to share with other indie artists?

SR: Never pay to play. Work hard, attend some local open mics, and other opportunities and the gigs will come if you’re talented and putting in work. No pay to play shortcuts. It’s not worth it!


TM: Are you currently working on any projects?

SR: I’m currently working on a 7 track EP, Personified. If everything pans outs it should hit all streaming services by Christmas time!


You can learn more about Rome via his social media channels below and search for his music on Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Tidal, Deezer and Apple music.


Facebook: South Rome

Instagram: @South_Rome


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