SACRAMENTO’S OWN: Rap Artist T.KASIM Let’s Talk Life After The Streets


“Now I’m thinking to myself, if this guy can write raps then so can I.”

One day, on a bus ride home from school a group of young boys was discussing rap. Having memorized a verse from an artist by the name of CPO a young T.Kasim spit it for his friends, claiming it as his own. The following day a friend performed a verse he had written himself, spurring Kasim to raise the bar and create his own lyrics, which he performed later that same day for an older brother and friends. “My brother didn’t believe I wrote it. He was like ‘What’s that? Some new Ice Cube? I know you didn’t write that.’ As soon as he said that I knew I had barz. Being compared to Cube . . . Yeah. That’s how it all began.”

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“I feel like the genre is saturated with music that is pointless or just repeats the same thing . . . I think we gotta start talking more about life after the streets.”

Kasim’s take on rap is to present his listeners with a different philosophy. Rather than droning on about wealth, drugs, guns, and sex, his focus is to motivate people to do great things. Having “street cred” is cool, he shares, but he also believes that it’s time to start a different conversation with more productive angles. He shares, “I’m not really happy with the overall scene of (the) industry. I think there’s a lot of room for change. I intend to be the change that I’d like to see.”


“I’m originally from California’s Capital city…Sacramento. I grew up on the South side of the city.”

Kasim cites LL Cool J, Eric B & Rakim, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, and J.Cole as influences for his style, stating Tupac as his all-time favorite. Other artists he has respect for are Snoop Dogg (“he keeps us guessing”) and T.I. whom he admires for maneuvering through the industry despite adversity. Although he has his favorites, Kasim has his own sound with the intent to produce real content for which various audiences can relate.


“Stick to the grind (because) if you quit you don’t deserve it.”

 When asked what he’d like his audience to know about him, his response is “I have an addiction to sweets, a twisted sense of humor and I listen to Chris Stapleton. You’ll have to tap into my music for more.” Kasim encourages independent artists to “make quality music from the heart” and to “take advantage of the internet and social media”.

He’s currently wrapping up a new single to release soon and fans can expect his EP to be out in early 2019. You can learn more about Kasim via his social media listed below.

IG: @t.kasim_

Facebook: @T.Kasim

YouTube: T Kasim


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