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“There can’t be enough eye-openers . . . We have a generation suffering from anxiety and depression. We have people abusing their authorities. We have a generation getting lost in drug abuse and way too many artists making something positive and normal out of these exact issues.”

Hailing from Germany, Laurdant Mambote-Manza is a current law student with roots in the Democratic Republic of Congo who distinguishes himself from other artists. “I feel like my music could be a strong weapon to reach the youth because there really can’t be enough eye openers with everything happening these days,” the 22-year-old artist shares. Rather than promote, Laurdant who goes by the stage name IAMELLEM feels the issues should be addressed and discussed to prevent so many people from walking this path.

With childhood years spent coping with different cultures and racism, Laurdant is becoming a well-established player on the field to marking change in his environment. His first rule of thumb? To simply avoid anyone who doesn’t bring positivity.

Performance Spittin n Sippin (Pic. by Max Judge)

“It all started in 2016 when I covered “Christ Conscious” by Joey Badass . . .”

The artist behind Lost Child & Midnight prefers to keep things low key, sharing that music is his outlet for speaking on his emotional state and providing a medium others can relate to and enjoy. He uses his entire environment to find inspiration and view life through a different lens. “That’s also the reason my music can’t really be put into one true subgenre. I go with the mood, the vibes, and the flow.”

Currently, his team is working on the release of his EP titled On The Road, a project meant to showcase an independent artist’s ability to DIY. In fact, he strongly recommends the DIY route, advocating, “Literally anything is possible if you put in the right amount of work and dedication.” His team, which he calls “The Room of Understanding”, has built a strong brotherhood and boasts accomplishing feats worthy of artists with the support of a label. Fans can expect to hear a little of everything on the upcoming project, from IAMELLEM’s beginnings to present day providing insight into his development over the last year. “With producers, HKMK and Cryptic engineering the songs, this project is more of a trap based one,” he admits.

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“I (can) go from darker, strong trap sounds with heavy drum elements to more soft chills and vibes right back to straight boom bap.”

Laurdant describes his music as experimental and not conforming to any one genre. He considers himself on a journey, finding himself and his sound while at the end of the day just doing whatever feels right. “For me, it’s about connection and giving people the best time possible . . . (it) is possible to make whatever you speak into existence happen and that’s what my music stands for.”

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“My songs mostly touch the topic of the DIY phenomenon, telling, showing, and proving . . . it is possible to achieve whatever it is you put your mind to and that the right amount of work, sacrifice, and wise choice of your surroundings can affect your whole life.”

You can learn more and check out his music via the platforms below.

IG: @iamellem




Spotify: IAMELLEM.


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