Cris Glockkz in “Hello World”


We encountered this next artist from Houston, Texas when a member of his team shared the link to his newly released single “Hello World.” We saw potential and we think you will too.  

Cristian Davison, who goes by the stage name Cris Glockkz (solely because it’s catchy and his fans agree!), is a new force to be reckoned with on the hip-hop/rap scene. Since the age of 15 he’s been creating his own rhythms and lyrics, honing his craft to lay down tracks worthy of non-stop head bobbing like his latest release “Hello World.” The 19-year old rising artist draws inspiration from rap icons such as Snoop Dogg, Living Legends, Atmosphere, and Outkast and is known for dabbling in a spot of Rock n’ Roll.

Cris, along with his cousin Ramiro Amezquita decided to take control of their destines and on January 2, 2016 Mad Mouth Records was founded. “We decided to start a record label that would allow us to be the deciding factor on 100% of our decisions without the influence of other people. We put the work into investing our own money into promotion and studio time, as well as contracting music stores to sell our music.”


The music label is family based with Amezquita running the show as the young artist’s manager and company CEO. In this role he deals with the face-to-face interactions that launch Cris in front of audiences, as well as collaborations on features and promos. Marie Davison (mother) handles the company’s finances, merchandise, and web-related promos (hence this article, shout out to Marie, right?). Kipp Davison (father) serves as the “hidden” financial support and provides the emotional backbone that keeps his team going strong. And last, but certainly far from being the least is the trailblazing artist, Cris, who’s been diligently working over the past year to deliver various singles, as well as the release of his EP debut, “The O.U.T.C.A.S.T,” which provides insight through the eyes of the young artist on his personal life journey prior to and during his musical career.

Cris has an awesome team of support and they are always looking out for his career and to ensure he is getting his net worth.

From his lyrics one can decipher Cris’ ambition to make his mark on the hip-hop scene. His colleges describe him as an “outgoing person with aspirations and goals to conquer . . .” The ability to adapt to any form of the hip-hop genre is something that sets this young artist apart, allowing him to develop his unique and critically acclaimed sound that fans love.


Cris is known for constantly creating new content. We’re talking about on a daily basis, even while balancing a job and attending college! So it comes as no surprise that one of his biggest challenges as an artist is trying not to unleash too much material all at once.

But all in good time, dear fans.

More important, Cris wants his content to resonate and encourage his audience to live life. “Life is meant to be celebrated and appreciated, leave no stone left unturned and experience all that the world has to offer.”

Cris believes that others should value their support system because his progress would not have been possible without one. He also encourages others to check the quality of the company you keep and make good choices in choosing peers and positive friends. Learn to love who you are. At the end of the day it all plays a huge role in one’s overall success.

Check Cris out at


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