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My first encounter with Seis Cuerdas was a result of an IG campaign video for their latest project requesting the participation of their fans. Interesting. I soon learned this dynamic duo specializes in a distinct style, which combines the sounds of flamenco acoustic guitar with a shredding metal vibe. Quite the contrast! Both Martin and Ezequiel Etcheverry, masters of their craft now share this unique style of playing around the world along with a message of taking better care of our planet, and we are here for it!


TALENTS MAGAZINE (TM): Please share a little background/history. I see you two are brothers, originally from Argentina, currently based in Malibu, California? That’s amazing!

MARTIN: Yes, that’s correct, we are originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and we moved to the States in 2001.


TM: Be honest. Did you two fight a lot growing up?

MARTIN: No, not really, up to this day we hardly fight or argue.

EZEQUIEL: In the last 10 years, we have probably argued 3 times…


TM: Was music a big part of your family? Did other family members play?

EZEQUIEL: Our parents had a big records collection and we used to listen to music from an early age but none of our family members were actually musicians or had anything to do with the industry.

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(Martin pictured)

TM: How did you learn to play and what about the guitar makes it your instrument of choice?

MARTIN: We are self-taught so pretty much all we have learned was by ear and determination. Keep in mind that back in those days we didn’t have internet or the technology that we have now, so in order to learn a 5 note guitar lick we would have to rewind and forward the tape or cassette many times.

EZEQUIEL: Yeah, we wore the sh*t out of those tapes! (laughs)


TM: Growing up did you ever dream of having a different career path, or did you always know it would be music?

EZEQUIEL: Music came into our lives at the right time. I was 11 when I started playing guitar and Martin was 15. I can’t remember what our dreams in life were before music.

MARTIN: Probably becoming professional soccer players. (laughs)


TM: It looks like you started off playing with a metal band. Can you share a little more about how you got involved? How was life being a part of the band?

EZEQUIEL: Heavy metal, rock, and hard rock music was and still is a big part of our musical influences. We have played in many different bands in that genre. Growing up listening to bands like Iron Maiden, ACDC, Deep Purple, Van Halen, obviously, we ended up playing that kind of music but we were also into guys like Paco De Lucia (R.I.P), Al Dimeola and many others so the flamenco or jazz/flamenco/fusion was also an influence. Playing in all those bands was great and a lot of fun but it wasn’t our “voice”, that unique or distinctive sound we, all musicians, go after.

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(Ezequiel pictured)

TM: How did the idea to form “Seis Cuerdas” come about? Do you remember where you were, what you were doing 18 years ago and how that conversation even started?

MARTIN: I was home in Buenos Aires, I was 19 or 20 and I remember for some reason I started writing some ideas that sounded “flamenco”, so I recorded them on a cassette tape, one take, and something hit me inside . . . I knew without a doubt that one day I was gonna do something special with those sounds . . . 15 years later we started Seis Cuerdas and it has been 18 years and 7 albums released of an amazing journey.

EZEQUIEL: It’s funny because we started off out of necessity. When we moved to the U.S. we didn’t have a job or money so we put together those original ideas that Martin had had for a while and went out there looking for places to play. We also had another hard rock band at the time but then Seis Cuerdas became our main thing, in part encouraged by Janick Gers from Iron Maiden who had told us once, “Ditch that rock band, this is your thing guys!!” True story, he and the other guitar players from Iron Maiden became appreciative of our music.


TM: For each of you separately, which of your albums is your favorite and why?

EZEQUIEL: VOLUMEN IV because I believe it’s our finest in terms of composition and arrangements.

MARTIN: It’s hard to say, I like them all because each one represents a moment of our career and musical journey, but if I had to pick only one I would go for our latest album SEP7IMO because it represents Seis Cuerdas right here, right now.


TM: I watched the video for Mar Adentro where there is a powerful message concerning water pollution and other aspects of how the human population impacts life on this planet (deforestation, oil pollution from factories). This seems like a cause you feel strongly about. What message would you like to share with your audience about this or any other cause you advocate for strongly?

EZEQUIEL: Yes, it’s a deep concern for us; we witness every day the destruction of our planet in many different ways so the idea behind Mar Adentro was to make us aware of that. Hopefully, one day we will stop this madness.

MARTIN: We are currently cutting a video for the song Caras Mas Caras from SEP7IMO (2018) and we are trying to also send out a message about the good and the evil of this society, the two faces of everything, hence the title of the song. It will be online very soon.

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TM: It looks like you just finished a world tour! Exciting! Please share some of the highlights. What does it feel like on stage when you connect with different audiences from across the world? Is there different energy from each audience? Does one area have a special place in your heart?

MARTIN: Yeah, we came back from our European tour. It was an eye opener really and it has also opened a window of opportunities for next year, so it was fantastic.

EZEQUIEL: For a musician, there is no better feeling than being onstage, in front of different audiences every night, from different places and different cultures. It’s just mind-blowing, not easy to explain with words. The happiness and different emotions you see in people’s eyes is our fuel to keep going.

MARTIN: We are what we are because of the people who support us, every city we played has a place in our hearts. If we don’t feel that way, we shouldn’t be doing this.


TM: Lastly, what advice would you share with other musicians/artists who are just starting out in their craft?

MARTIN: Stay true, amigos!!

EZEQUIEL: Remember, we can buy anything but time . . . make it count!

Currently, Seis Cuerdas is still accepting photo submissions from fans for their upcoming music video Caras Mas Caras from the recent release of their album SEP7IMO. Submissions end o/a 15 November. To learn more and hear amazingly, beautiful music check out Seis Cuerdas via their social media listed below.


Facebook: Seis Cuerdas Music

IG: @seis_cuerdas


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