LeftLukas: From Left Behind To Leaving Behind The Past And Being “Thankful”


Written by Mel Williams

19-year-old Lukas Prautsch has already established a presence on a big stage and it’s not hard to imagine why. His soulfully diverse productions and covers (take a listen to ‘I Like Me Better/Thinking Out Loud” on Youtube) can have you singing along with your eyes closed or turnt up from the vibe.

But like every adolescent, Lukas has experienced his own life struggles that played a significant role in crafting his sound and the person he is today. At one point he states, “I was no longer in control of my life. But I still had one.” The young artist relates to those who feel they may have spent too much energy focused on the negative aspects of a situation rather than focusing on a solution. His stage name “LeftLukas” has developed from feeling left alone to leaving behind old negative perspectives, unhappiness, and fears. Nowadays the artist is feeling more thankful and has learned to embrace the support of his circle during difficult times. His advice to his peers is to focus on what you have, the things you love to do, your talents, family, and friends.

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“I was at the bottom of a hole. Everything was dark… and I felt left alone.”

For Lukas and his first EP entitled “Thankful,” this advice holds true. Last Christmas his idea of gifting his parents with something special became his first CD with three tracks, “Hallelujah,” “White Crown,” and the first draft of “Hands of Time.” The heartfelt reaction from his father still creates a “goosebump” moment for him.

Although music has played a huge part, Lukas shares it hasn’t been the only thing that’s helped him grow. Reading books and performing live has helped him build confidence and he is able to transfer the energy from live performances to his daily life. He draws inspiration and influence from artists like Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly, Linkin Park, and Alter Bridge, whom he discovered while playing in a rock band in his early teens and says “I can still sing along to almost every (one of their) song(s).” Growing up, his parents played artists such as Depeche Mode, Michael Jackson, and Billy Idol, influences he feels can still be heard in his music today. Since playing in a band his perspective on music has also changed. “Nowadays,” Lukas says, “I’m really focused on success and reach(ing) more people with (what) I do. Back then, music was just a compensation to daily life or school. It was jamming, laughing, smoking together and there was almost no pressure.”

Diversity is key. Lukas is a lover of rap, rock, and electronic music and enjoys exploring ways to fuse the genres together. There are days he states, “…sometimes I just want to chill, grab my guitar and write some acoustic stuff. I’m not a monotonous person and I don’t live a monotonous life. Music is my life and defines my person, so why should it be one-sided then?”

Lukas has had the opportunity to work alongside several other musical partners such as his best friend Marvin, HKMK, Rrahime, Arthur, and Erik, all of whom have played the role of an artist or producer on a project. If you’re ever in Germany, you may be able to catch him performing at a street festival or in Ilmenau at a local event.

When asked if he’d like to share any other final advice for his peers, Lukas states, “Don’t keep your ideas locked up…free them! Just do it. You don’t need the most expensive equipment to start… You can create amazing things. All you need is creativity, passion, and discipline AND most important: practice and patience!”

Be sure to check him out on SoundClound, Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook as LeftLukas where you can catch “Hands of Time,” “Vibinalldai,” and more tracks.

His first EP “Thankful” is currently scheduled to be released October 12, 2018.

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