PGM Studio PowerHouse Founder & CEO, Jeffrey Carter


I’d heard so much about the founder of Product of God’s Mercy (PGM) before ever meeting him that it was quite a surprise when he managed to find me first (I’d casually mentioned needing to connect) and he reached out. Talk about having an extensive network! Our first sit down was an encounter that allowed us to start aligning some of the visions we shared for providing a physical stage for the talent of unsigned artists, locally and abroad. Here, the San Bernardino born Carter gives insight into the vision for PGM and the direction it’s heading.


UA: What led you to the path of pursuing music? Any fun or interesting stories growing up or that deals with music?

JC: My mother always knew I could sing. Once she introduced that to me there was no turning back. I started writing when I was 15. I tried out for Apologetics kids and did good the first round but I got cocky and didn’t practice much. When the cameras came on I forgot the words to “ I Believe I Can Fly” by R.Kelly (laughs).


UA: What it was like to attend Full Sail University? Would you recommend others get a formal education or hone their craft on their own?

JC: I truly love that school. On average they receive about 10 Oscars & Grammys EVERY TIME. That alone makes you want to go to that school. I was online but when I was living in Orlando I took a tour. OMG, it was amazing! Being online is cool but if I was able to go on campus I would. I would recommend that school to anyone that’s trying to be in any art form career.


UA: Please share in your own words more on your vision for PGM studio. It’s pretty amazing when you mention providing opportunities for the youth in the community and anyone who may be interested in learning the ins and outs of production.

JC: Even though I took that down it is still part of my plans. We will be providing classes or camps so that kids, young adults and even adults who want to learn (can) or (who) just want to be in the environment of a recording studio. Our youth don’t really have the amazing music like in the 60s, 70s, 90’s and early 2000s so it’s up to me and my company to bring back that vibe.


UA: What’s it been like starting the studio? Did you grow from being an in-house production? Is this studio that’s getting ready to open your 2nd business/studio venture?

JC: When I was in the military every house or barracks I lived in I had a studio. This is my first studio actually owning as a registered business. I will also be making my PGM House clothing line for independent artists in the front part of the studio as well.


UA: What’s driving you? Where do you draw inspiration? What do you enjoy most about what you do?

JC: Ever since God put this vision in my head it has been my motivation. Just knowing that this is much bigger than you and me is enough. I draw inspiration from life experiences that either myself, loved ones, and friends (experience) or just general situations. I enjoy music; the whole process of the beat being made to the recording, to the paperwork and of course the distribution of something I made or helped make and its out where the whole world can hear us.


UA: What’s your take on the way the music industry is now? What are some changes or improvements you’d like to see?

JC: Ahhhhh, man the game is crazy right now. The independent wave is strong and right now is the time to capitalize. You have mainstream artist going independent and killing the game. We have all the resources just as well as they do and we will do it. I just wanna bring back real content, real music, real love you know? A lot of music nowadays doesn’t give you that. I just want to be an avenue for this generation and ones to come. I believe in my services and all the other studios in the Ville, that we can make Fayetteville one of the best music cities in the world. We just have to work together and stop hating.



UA: Would you say that equality still hasn’t really been achieved in the music industry for men and women? Do you think that it’s more difficult for (more) women to obtain the same status quo as males in the industry?

JC: I honestly don’t believe it’s hard for them. It’s all about the drive and creating your own lane. If you look at all the ladies in the industry now it’s not many, but how many times have you heard someone new come out and they sound just like the next Queen. They won’t last.


UA: What’s your take on how music impacts and changes lives? Do you have a story/ example on how you’ve seen the impact of music on your own life or that of another?

JC: Music is life to me, it’s my everything. If I could marry her, I would. She’s a great friend and she always listens. The best way to vent (laughs). If it wasn’t for music I probably would be locked up somewhere or just doing bad. I escape in music.


UA: Recall when you were first getting started. What advice would you offer to someone new now, who is getting started as a recording artist or who would like to do something similar to what you’re doing (opening up a studio)?

JC: Plan, plan, plan. Take your time. Build what you want on paper. Find a team and create, create, create. Connect yourself with like-minded people and whatever your higher power is believe in (your)self and that.


UA: What’s the next big venture/step for PGM?

JC: Well, I know we’re working on a music showcase next year. Also, I have a few artist & friends that will be dropping some new music, including myself. I’m only doing one album and then I’m retiring as a solo artist. I might do features if people dig my music.


UA: Where can readers learn more about PGM?

JC: You can check us out on IG: @thepgmhouse, @creativespacestation, @carterjville and @pullupbj. Facebook: Creative Space Station Studios or @ThePGMHouse


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