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If you’re a young model who’s been fortunate to land a lucrative, budding career there’s never a better time than the present to get your finances in order. Typically, the key to success in the world of budgeting boils down to developing a few good habits.

1 Evaluate Your Lifestyle

What are your needs, wants, and habits? What areas would you like to improve in? Are shopping sprees and long nights out taking a toll on your wallet? Perhaps you want to consider healthier lifestyle options (fitness or cooking) or take up a few acting classes? In order to adjust accordingly, create a budget for how you want to drive your finances.

2 Save, Save, Save!

I’ve yet to hear someone lament saving too much! When you’re young there’s nothing wrong with blowing a paycheck . . . as long as you’re saving one too! A budget is unique for every individual and finding one that fits your lifestyle will take some trail and error. It’s always a safe bet to set aside a percentage or set amount for what you intend to save, and splurge with each paycheck after the basic bills (rent, utilities, phone, etc) are paid.

3 Invest . . . In Yourself

Whether you’ve found your lifelong dream in modeling or if it’s in another career field, once you’ve reached a comfortable level of steady income it’s a good idea to invest in becoming a better you. Doing so can only make you more marketable and is an investment that should pay for itself down the road.

4 Give To A Charity Or Good Cause

Sharing with others is a testament of who you are as an individual and to your character, so when you have it to give why not brighten up someone else’s day who isn’t as fortunate? You never know what inspiration can result from it.

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