Kehlani performing at The Ritz in Raleigh, NC.

By Mel Williams

Last night Kehlani and crew made their 4th to last stop on their six-month tour at The Ritz, in Raleigh, NC. The tour began on February 21st, 2017 in Montreal, Quebec.

Doors opened promptly at 7 pm, the show starting around 7:40 pm with the young singer-rap artist Marteen, who’s recently turned 16. Marteen was followed by JAHKOY from Toronto, who brought some reggae-like swagger to the stage. I was excited to see Ella Mai, all the way from London, who rocked the crowd with “She Don’t,” and “Boo’d Up,” stopping once to call security over to a fan who’d become faint. Once she verified the fan was going to be okay, she started from the top to an appreciative crowd. She’s recently released her 3rd EP titled “READY”.

As the crowd waited between acts, The Ritz staff continued to pass out water to help keep the crowd hydrated.

Kehlani and her dancers took the stage opening with “Keep On” and “Distraction”. In between performances, she gave insightful advice to her audience along with the challenge of four promises. She encouraged fans to donate to local charities and support the well being of their city by patronizing local business, stating it’s how we change the world, one person at a time. The four promises Kehlani challenged her audience with were: 1) To sing every word to every song, 2) To honor and respect self, 3) To pay attention to the energies we carry and take care of our (mental state) of well-being, and 4) To hold ourselves responsible to each other and the way we treat members of any community; to live with love in our hearts every single day. The LBGT community was highlighted in the last promise before Kehlani performed “Undercover” and ended the night with spraying her fans with water guns.

The night was an eventful night with a lively crowd (the screams were ear-splitting), eager to enjoy themselves and show love to the rising stars, all on their first major tour. We look forward to seeing more great music from Kehlani and wish her the best on the remainder of the “Sweet, Sexy, Savage” World Tour.

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