Roots, Rock & Reggae: King Ouxaman Rising

Written by: Nicholas Phipps-Evans                                                        Edited by: Mel Williams


Rich vocals, passionate delivery, and resonating sounds all define the traits of reggae sensation, King Ouxaman, who is also known simply as Ouxa. Born Edmund Andrade, he grew up experiencing the rough life of a trueborn Kingston, Jamaican and has since transcribed his hardships into rhythmic lessons of peace and love. Such powerful messages relate well with his audience in content and coupled with catchy hooks along with syncopated reggae tunes, Ouxa continues to captivate new listeners worldwide.

Ouxa’s performances throughout Jamaica includes clubs and resorts throughout the north coast where he received most honorable mention for his song, “Let’s Keep The Peace,” in the billboard source writing competition. In 2005, he toured Mexico, where MTV approached him to do an interview. Some inquiries involved of the origin of his name, King Ouxaman, which carries ties to being passionate, sensual, and kind, as well as a few sources of inspiration, of which Bob Marley is credited as a heavy influence.


Following his interview came the opportunity for him to perform live on MTV where he allowed members from the audience time for Q&A. Ouxa states, “Every moment of the interview was memorable. I also got a contract [to perform] in Cancun, but I had to leave because my time was up.”

From Latin America, Ouxa took his talents to Germany, touring cities such as Frankfurt, Hamburg, and Cologne. “I went to Germany for two years and remember recruiting band members from Frankfurt . . . Going to the jazz and blues clubs and seeing members who all wanted to play. It took nothing but an invitation to my table to get them to play for me.” Ouxa recalls.

Having made a global imprint through his MTV interviews and tours, King Ouxaman found his way to Fayetteville, North Carolina in 2010. Ouxa now faces the task of popularizing his music here in the US. He has performed in the Coast to Coast live competitions, winning fourth place out of thirty artists, despite being the only reggae artist. In three months, “Let’s Keep The Peace” finished in first during the Coast to Coast Reggae Mix Tape voting contest and was featured in the competition’s Volume 4.

Audiences have found his meaningful lyrics, passion, and spellbinding performance enriching.

Coming soon will be his hot new album “Anywhere.”

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