The Reality Underneath This Happy Surface “T.R.U.T.H.S.”Album by G. Torres

Written by Nick Pe Phipps –Evans                                                                  Edited by Mel Williams


“The purpose of this album is to bring the audience closer to what makes me the artist I am today.”                     – G. Torres

Dimmed lights, catchy tunes, and smiling faces greeted all who walked into the Regency Inn Friday night, 20 January 2017, for the official listening party of the legendary G. Torres. His latest album “The Reality Underneath This Happy Surface” (T.R.U.T.H.S) is a reflection of exactly what its’ title proclaims, truth; the truth about his past, his current life, and most importantly, about the reality he seeks to live.


“The messages in my music come from the pain, obstacles, and the will to overcome all of it.”                                 – G. Torres

Throughout the night, Torres explained the value of this album, and it’s significance to his own life. The artist delved into the intimacies of his personal relationships, touching on memories of his parents and his aunt, who raised him for the majority of his life, and the loneliness he felt as a child growing up with more associates than friends. “My start to music began with middle school rap battles with friends,” Torres said in an interview following the event. Since then, his loneliness was alleviated through his newfound love for music.

Listening to rappers like Nas, Fabulous, and Eminem, Torres is able to replicate a style of rap that speaks metaphorically to his listeners; a stylized form of rap that’s blatantly epitomized on the album. Not only is the wordplay noteworthy, the production team: Jeffrey Carter, Tish Mone’, Nimrod, many other great singers, and producers came together to create this memoir Torres’ fans can experience with him, a certain testament to the authenticity of the album.


“My goal for my music is simple; I want a long lasting career that will build a foundation for both me and my loved ones.”         – G. Torres

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tikki Famouz says:

    Keep up the good work my Guy..


  2. Reds says:

    Keep up the good work ..hard work will soon pay off not only money but touching other through something you love to do your music….work hard enjoy later..💪🙏☝


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