SANDHILLS Modeling Q&A with An Agent

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CAM: How did you become an agent and why?

JB: While I was taking modeling classes my mom took me to an open call. I was asked to walk in a fashion show at age 12.

CAM: What’s a typical day like (on the job) in the life of an agent?

JB: Check emails to see if there are emails offering talent opportunities.

Answer countless phone calls from aspiring talent.

Check on leads for talent placement.

Audition new faces.

CAM: What are the top aspects you look for when scouting new models/talent to work with?

JB: Features, attitude, attitude (laughs)

CAM: What are ways models should invest in their careers now, so that they’re able to bring their best edge in an industry that’s so competitive?

JB: Photo shoots


Classes, if needed

Being nice

CAM: What do you feel it really takes to have a successful career in the modeling and entertainment industry today?

JB: Great attitude


Real Passion


CAM: What does the industry look like for models now, for models who are trying to break into the industry (is it harder to break in today than years ago? trends you may be noticing as far as which models are in demand, etc) as well as for models who are already in the industry (trends you are noticing, shorter models becoming more acceptable, etc)?

JB: Some things change, while some remain the same. The industry has opened doors to talent who may not look like the traditional model giving more of an opportunity for those girls who may not be as tall or thin. In the olden days, the industry would not even look at pictures unless they were professional. Every once in a while an aspiring  model is able to capture a really good picture with an iPhone which could end up booking work.

CAM: Describe a really good or terrible experience you may have had with a model/talent. What did you take away from it?

JB: My worst experience in the industry has been the talent calling the booker without my permission, requesting the money for the assignment when we had not reached the expiration date to get paid yet. Long story short, typically it takes at least 30 days to get paid for a talent assignment. My best experience has been booking my mailman for a job that paid very well and to later find out that when he was a kid he had always dreamed of being an actor.

CAM: What attribute do you feel is the most important for a model to possess in this industry?

JB: Attitude, determination, thick skin.

IMG_5372 (1)

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