Cruisin’ To Mexico

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For some (especially those who can’t swim) the thought of boarding an enormous vessel and being surrounded by the vast seas for days can be daunting. But the time spent on board really does fly when there’s so much to do!

Pre-boarding, Let The Adventure Begin

For starters, make sure you’ve checked in to your boarding reservation in advance! Don’t forget to check your email or log back into your account to print off your boarding pass (not to be confused with the confirmation page) before the 24-hour period prior to your boarding time. In the 24-hour period before boarding you may be unable to access the pass, but if you booked with a great travel agent they should be able to send a copy of the pass to your phone. Security checks are very strict, so save yourself the headache and take care of this in advance!

Depending on the length of your cruise you will be required to place a minimum of $100, $200, or $350 per person on an account since there’s a no-cash policy onboard. The unused balance will be refunded after the trip. Ideally, if it’s your first time, you want to stay in the middle of the ship where you’ll experience the least amount of wave motion (and avoid the bulk of noisy, late-night crowds).

All Aboard, Broaden Your Horizon

Enjoy the amazing food and the entertainment! The talented live bands love a good crowd, and a daily schedule of activities is placed in your cabin by the friendly staff, the majority of whom are from various countries.

Disembark, Reaching Your Destination

We arrived to a double rainbow, beautiful sunrise in the quiet ports of Cozumel, Mexico. There’ll be all sorts of characters eager to take a photo with you once you step off the ship. Shopping, restaurants, and more tourist attractions await!

If you plan on seeing more of the island, be sure to book those travel plans far in advance, or you may find yourself prey to higher van fees if you can even secure one in this high tourist area. The cost of the van will vary from one destination to another (~$25 per person) and should include access to the beach if that’s where you’re going. Be very wary of scams! If something seems unreasonably high ($50 for access to a beach) search for a better bargain (or you might be able to bargain your way down to a fair deal)!

Relax & Enjoy!

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